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Paul's Cruel Seas

Painting ProjectsPosted by Matt Thu, January 10, 2019 15:34:18
Here is Paul fleet so far smiley

Can not wait till these are finished and give them a go smiley

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Paul's Heavy Cavalry

Painting ProjectsPosted by Matt Mon, September 17, 2018 00:20:11
Well here are couple of extra piccys of Paul Napoleonic Heavy Cavalry 😎

Be good to see them on the table 😁

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Blood and Plunder

Painting ProjectsPosted by Matt Sat, September 08, 2018 00:09:07

Paul just bought a wooden hull 19 inches long 4.5 inches wide. It cost a whopping 3 pounds. He just started working on it. So a couple of dowels and some rail and he has a huge ship for Blood and Plunder. What do I think? I think its a great start keep it up 😎

So Matt 2 has started painting up half of his force's 😁

So sails and bit of finishing off and ship one and crew done 😎

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Arcworlde Trolls

Painting ProjectsPosted by Tom Sat, August 11, 2018 17:01:55
Picked these up on ebay and added some finishing touches smiley

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Sons of Mars

Painting ProjectsPosted by Matt Wed, August 08, 2018 15:48:55
Well here's Paul first three figures finished bar basing 😎

Nice one sir 😁

Well theres more! Pauls been a busy boy 😎

Nice 😀

And it keeps coming!

Areana and based minis 😎

Two more pickies of the arena from last nights game. Very fast and exciting 😎

The models so far 😀

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Gremlin Shaman

Painting ProjectsPosted by Tom Sun, June 03, 2018 18:15:36
Thought I'd share a photo of the latest project - a Gremlin Shaman for Warploque Miniatures' Arcworlde setting smiley

Only 16 to go...

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Rogue Stars

Painting ProjectsPosted by Matt Tue, May 29, 2018 17:24:34
Well here are two of Matt (Comstar) Rogue Stars forces.

First up is the Pirate group.

Please meet:

Shell, Braid, Capt, Doc and King!

Oh and the Cultists!

Brother Braid, Cathy, Cathulhu, Claire, Rulu and Uncle Cthulhu!

Both traveled to weymouth for there first outing where they performed admirably 😉

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Paul's Napoleonic French Force

Painting ProjectsPosted by Matt Mon, May 28, 2018 20:04:00
So more of an update of Paul's 28mm Napoleonic French:

Two battalions of line infantry, Dragoon, Engineers and a Canon 😁

Well what's next !

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