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Play Test Of Armies and Hordes

Fantasy World GamesPosted by Matt Thu, August 23, 2018 18:37:18
Well I haven't played any games in a while with Dave and this was a cracker.

Its a beta of one of Andrea Sfiligoi of Ganesha Games fame.

Called 'Of Armies and Hordes' it uses a simple activation system with a opposed skills table for a single dice result. Simples 😎

Dave and myself had two quick games and all done to completion in under three hours with general chat as well.

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Monday 13th - Helldorado

Fantasy World GamesPosted by Tom Tue, March 14, 2017 20:19:54

Helldorado - The Calyx of Skulls

What did we play?

We gave the ‘Calyx of Skulls’ scenario a try this week (p.210 in the HD rulebook), in which the Westerners take on the Lost and the mighty Bran Carnoth. Both sides were trying to find the Calyx of Skulls, hidden beneath one of six treasure tokens arranged across the centre of the board. Whoever had the Calyx of Skulls in their deployment zone at the end of turn six would win – a typical Helldorado scenario, simple but effective!

Both sides consisted of the original Asmodee starter boxes, now sadly out of production. The Westerners were led by Francisco Vargas (who has yet to survive an entire game…) along with a few supporting characters and a group of riflemen. Though weak in combat the Westerners had plenty of healing tricks and a solid amount of firepower. The Lost on the other hand had a force geared for combat, with only the Sling Maiden providing any meaningful ranged attacks.

How did it go?

Each side began by advancing towards the treasure tokens, with one Squamata Warrior falling to the Westerners' firepower early on and a Retarius taking heavy damage. From thereon in the Lost got their revenge, closing quickly on the Westerners and taking them down in close combat. Francisco Vargas made it to turn four before he met his doom, taking most of the Westerners’ command points with him (command points are a vital resource in Helldorado, allowing players to change the order of activation or add dice to attacks). However, though the Lost seemed to be gaining the upper hand, the all important Calyx remained hidden.

One of the more entertaining elements of the scenario was that all the treasure tokens contained something, though only one held the objective. We had a Squamata Warrior wandering around with a Potion of Regeneration and then picking up a Demonic Sword, a Retarius hiding beneath a Cloak of Shadows and a Swashbuckler with a Ring of Disappearance, granting the Intangible special rule.

It was not until the end of turn five that the Calyx was found and, fortunately for the Westerners, Bran Carnoth and the remaining Lost troopers were out of charge range of the rifleman who picked it up! Though the Westerners had clearly lost the battle (Bran had virtually all of his 16 hit points left) they were able to walk the Calyx back to their deployment zone in turn six and claim the victory!

All in all an exciting game with the outcome in the balance right until the very end.

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