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Monday 26th June

Club NightPosted by Matt Mon, June 26, 2017 15:44:41
This week ladies and gentlemen we had:

A Very British Cival War with :

Chaz, Tim, Jim, Joe, Matt, Tom and Simon.

We had;

Chaz playing the Anglian League. They were trying to acquire some small french FT17 tanks from the PFLM once they had got them working.

Tom played the People's Front of Lytchett Matravers. They were trying to pick up there booty from the Dockers Union Militia who had brought down weapons from Russia. In there yard was two old Tanks which needed some tlc. Now hopefully with there liberated parts (ask no questions! ) at least one can get running!

Jim was playing the Dorset Social Militia and was up on the deal with the Dockers and PFLM and wanted it for themselves!

Tim was playing the BUF. They were informed that there was a sighting of a boat laidened with suspicious goods. This needed investigating!

Joe the British Army. Well times are hard and someone has been stealing your parts at Bovington! Those PFLM are getting to big for there own good. Let do a dawn raid and go and liberate our parts!

Simon had the French who had landed at Weymouth and wounds there way back to meet up with the PFLM.

And Matt ran all the sub plots with the Dockers and Game Wardens from Upton house :)

The game turned into a shooting gallery with trucks lit up with Machine Gun fire by the Anglian League and PFLM having several firefights in town. The Army decided to slow down and ran into the DSM! They proceeded to knock the living dubries out of each other while the Dockers and Wardens exchanged fire!

The BUF entered town and decided to keep out of trouble as much as they can and head towards the Dockers. At this the late arrivals the French turned up and crosed the river to support the Dockers and PFLM. They also took great pleasure at using there Mortars to blow the British Army into the water!

Fun was had by everyone but a good fight ensued but no objectives were made!

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