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30th July 2018

Club NightPosted by Matt Mon, July 30, 2018 08:56:58
So tonight ladies and gentlemen what wonderful games do we have?

Bolt Action Americans vs Germans with The Matts, Tim and Joe 😉

Dr Who Exterminate! with Tom, Jim and Simon - the Doctor vs Ice Warriors vs Sontarans! 😎

Hammering Iron with Chaz and Paul 😀

Great set of games 😁

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Posted by Tom Sat, August 04, 2018 08:43:43

We had a great game of Dr Who - Simon's Sontarans won by a single victory point.

Highlight was Amy Pond moving towards Sontaran General Staal and playing the 'Harangue' card. This would force Staal, and all the Sontarans gathered around him, to miss their turn 'engaged in a distracting rant.'

Great move...

Until Simon countered it with Staal's unique 'Undefeated' card - leaving Pond standing in front of the Sontaran gun line!